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  1. The NSA conglomerate has forgotten the duties of governments to protect their citizens from crimes, and the egregious demonization and persecution of Julian is the antithesis of upholding the 1689 Bill of Rights, and the 1946 Nuremberg Principle – which holds that it is a DUTY to help make public atrocities that governments wish to keep secret. is an article that I highly recommend to everyone who is interested in seeing the world create a #SDG16 League, that can affirm the amazing goal that 193 countries adopted in September of 2015 to enable the overhaul of dysfunctional institutional culture so healthy institutions may advance the goal of equal justice for all. Maybe the unconscious motive in creating #SDG16 was to deal with the subterfuge by governments wishing to overturn the idea that in a democracy, the people are the owners of information. Not insider cliques within states. This needs to be faced as a threat to the future of liberty.

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